About Us

–°owanparcel is a growing international company specializing in virtual office services. For many years of our fruitful work we have proved to be reliable and responsible partners who bring their clients’ business to success and development.

Why virtual office?

Nowadays more and more businessmen use virtual offices to increase the efficiency of their operation and create the image of a successful enterprise. This service helps to use the working time more efficiently and optimize all expenses related to business activity.

Virtual office is a new and effective approach to the business organization.

How does it work?

The majority of your duties are performed by a virtual secretary. A virtual secretary is a responsible employee who acts strictly in accordance with director’s orders after approving all important issues with him virtually or by phone.

Thus, a businessman can be situated in any country and receive all detailed data about all events he wants to know about. More than that, sometimes when a director is absent, non-standard situations that must be immediately solved can arise. For example, it can be necessary to provide partners with some important documents or respond to the state financial or legal authorities, etc.

Usually all day-to-day work is performed by a team of employees. Virtual office can substitute this team and perform all tasks with minimum expenses and maximum efficiency.

Why cowanparcel?

–°owanparcel has a wide experience and gained excellent reputation on the market of relevant services.

The Head Office of the company is situated in Switzerland that is already the guarantee of its stability and high quality.

We provide our services in a number of countries in the Northern America (the USA, Canada) and Europe (on demand).

Our Services

We will do everything in the best way possible!


Latest News

November 2019
We congratulate our partners on the coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We wish you prosperity and luck in your business. We hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration next year.

October 2019
In September 2019 we provided a new service for our clients. From now on we offer you special conference halls where you can organize meetings, negotiations, conferences, training courses, etc. Contact our managers for details!

August 2019
Since 1 August 2019 we provide a new campaign tariff for the use of negotiation rooms. Now you have a chance to negotiate even cheaper than it used to be before!