Our Partners

Our partners include large and small companies, firms and enterprises located in the Northern America and Europe. We co-work with any kinds of businesses and are able to perform any tasks in the financial and economic fields.

Our services are advantageous for the majority of businessmen, especially those who move in pace and can count money. Our services are always urgent and help to save funds if:

  • you need a responsible personal secretary who does not demand much for his work;
  • you’ve established a new business and want to save on office employees;
  • your personnel works in a remote way;
  • you found a subsidiary or a branch in a new city;
  • you need to have a legal address in a business center;
  • you are constantly on business trips;
  • you have international operations.

Cowanparcel guarantees high-quality services. We have excellent specialists and modern technical appliances for that.

The companies we collaborate with specialize in many economic fields and areas: agriculture, education, political sector, medicine, manufacturing and various services provision. Thus, we know the peculiarities of almost every area and are aware of all hidden agendas.

Cowanparcel is ready to co-work with any company or enterprise on mutually advantageous terms. We are always open for the discussion. We are sure to find such conditions that will satisfy both you as our potential clients and us.

Our Services

We will do everything in the best way possible!


Latest News

November 2019
We congratulate our partners on the coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We wish you prosperity and luck in your business. We hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration next year.

October 2019
In September 2019 we provided a new service for our clients. From now on we offer you special conference halls where you can organize meetings, negotiations, conferences, training courses, etc. Contact our managers for details!

August 2019
Since 1 August 2019 we provide a new campaign tariff for the use of negotiation rooms. Now you have a chance to negotiate even cheaper than it used to be before!