Cowanparcel helped our company much when we were about to become a bankrupt. We had no enough funds to pay managers and secretaries, but we needed our work to be done. Cowanparcel provided us with all kinds of employees at considerable prices. Professionalism and serious individual approach of Cowanparcel helped our company to climb out of the debt pit and start rapidly developing. Thank you for your work!

Inez Hawthorne

At the end of the last financial year we got a real hush job. We did not know what to grasp. Fortunately, we learnt about the Cowanparcel virtual office. We used their services and avoided many problems. Cowanparcel prepared all necessary documents and we did not have any problems with financial institutions. If necessary, we will address Cowanparcel without hesitations.

Marcus Angelo

Cowanparcel is a real catch for those who want to found a small business and do not want to waste funds on a physical office and a group of employees. When I established my small firm, I knew I would not waste a penny for unnecessary things or things that can be avoided. That’s why I immediately addressed Cowanparcel. They have done everything for me. All I did was to give orders. It is wonderful to feel a boss as soon as you created a company.

Daniel Sher

I have a small company in Switzerland. My business activity is not so much extended, that’s why I always try to do everything myself. This time I went on a business trip to Germany. I relied on Cowanparcel in solving some urgent problems I could not be through with. They did an excellent job!

Sabrina Lehmann

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Latest News

November 2019
We congratulate our partners on the coming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We wish you prosperity and luck in your business. We hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration next year.

October 2019
In September 2019 we provided a new service for our clients. From now on we offer you special conference halls where you can organize meetings, negotiations, conferences, training courses, etc. Contact our managers for details!

August 2019
Since 1 August 2019 we provide a new campaign tariff for the use of negotiation rooms. Now you have a chance to negotiate even cheaper than it used to be before!